Dating Beatles Records

O n 26 September , the last album recorded by The Beatles was released. This is mine. With three albums, a clutch of classic singles, a landmark movie and a hectic touring schedule including their conquest of America to their name, a weary band retreated to Abbey Road to record their fourth album in less than two years. Ultimately, therefore, Let It Be proved something of a sad but not entirely unworthy epitaph for the greatest pop group ever. It also points to the future of pop music as acts more and more began to write their own material, and remains one of the great debut albums. Partly the soundtrack of their first movie which amounts to their first quantum leap with all 13 tracks penned by Lennon and McCartney. The Beatles entered their seminal middle period with another seismic leap in quality with their first true masterpiece which, although influenced by soul and Dylan, proved so influential itself that it spurred contemporaries such as Brian Wilson to hitherto unimagined heights. Rubber Soul confirmed once and for all that The Beatles were the unimpeachable masters of their craft as the music world held its breath in anticipation of their next move. With 30 tracks, there is much merit in the oft-repeated claim that with some judicious pruning, The Beatles could have been the greatest single album of all time.

Beatles discography: United Kingdom (UK)

When it comes to record collecting, some artists are more popular with collectors than others. No artist, however, is quite as collectible as the Beatles, though Elvis Presley comes close. Despite being available for more than fifty years and with most of their records never going out of print, Beatles albums draw more interest, and sell for more money, than those by any other artist. Later issues, reissues, limited edition items and compilation Beatles albums assembled long after the group broke up in are also of interest to record collectors.

Click here to view our selection of Beatles albums. While collectors worldwide are usually the most interested in Beatles albums from the country in which they live, there is also a lot of collector interest in Beatles albums from two countries in particular — Great Britain and the United States.

The Beatles – Albums (in Date Order). Standard re-issues NOT listed separately, they will be mentioned in the detail of the original release. Click on.

It was released by Vee-Jay Records on Jan. The story of how and why this happened began about a year earlier. When the group’s second single, ” Please Please Me “, was released in the U. But Capitol turned it down. The company released the song on Feb. At the time, albums in the U.

The Beatles – White Album – Help with Numbers please?

This is not correct. The original back cover to the album contains miniature pictures of the covers of 25 Vee-Jay albums, including five that feature the brackets logo. Because the brackets logo did not make its debut until October of , Introducing The Beatles could not have been issued prior to that time. This has led Beatles historians to conclude that the album was initially distributed in November of This is also incorrect.

The documentary evidence detailed below proves that the album was not released until January of

All the singles and albums of Beatles, peak chart positions, career stats, week-by-​week chart runs The Beatles hit songs and albums Date, Title, Artist, Peak.

The summer of marks the 45th anniversary of when Introducing The Beatles was not released. And if that sounds like the strange start to an article, well it is. For more than two decades, that date, for the most part, went unquestioned and appeared in numerous Beatles books and discographies as the gospel truth. They reasoned that if the record was prepared for pressing at the end of June, it would be in stores about three weeks later. While this was a reasonable assumption given normal production schedules, there was nothing normal about Introducing The Beatles.

It was his job to listen to every foreign recording sent to Capitol by EMI. Martin pressured EMI to have the disc issued in America. Its primary function was to obtain master recordings from American labels for licensing foreign rights to EMI for worldwide distribution. But Transglobal also attempted to place foreign records made by EMI artists with American companies when recordings were turned down by Capitol.

Dating beatles records

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A look at how the Beatles’ music evolved from their first record to their The final song was the band’s most experimental to date, “Tomorrow.

Top Whether you are new to collecting records or a seasoned vinyl hoarder, one of the joys of expanding your collection is finding a bargain. Whether that means picking up an album in a sale or digging through the crates in your local charity shop, you never know when or where you might uncover something really valuable. If you’ve ever wondered where the really big money changes hands in the world of vinyl collecting, then take a look at our list below of the 10 most expensive vinyl records ever sold Only demo copies of this single by American soul singer and producer Frank Wilson were ever pressed, and of those only around five are reported to have survived when the rest were destroyed by Motown boss Berry Gordy.

Stories about the reason for their destruction vary, but rumour has it that Gordy wasn’t too happy about the prospect of one of his best producers launching a singing career and ordered the demos to be trashed. It’s also said however that Wilson felt the same way and decided against releasing the single, but either way, a handful slipped through the net and while the exact number of surviving copies isn’t known for sure, Gordy is said to possess one of them and another sold at auction in May

Which Beatles collectibles offer the most bang for the buck?

Rubber Soul was another album for Christmas – released on 3rd December, just two weeks after final mixing had taken place. Following the release of their previous album The Beatles had undertaken a momentous tour of the USA and Canada including a record breaking appearance at New York’s famous Shea Stadium. Following a deserved holiday, the guys returned to the studios in mid October, not only to record the album but also a new single – their first double A-side featuring “Day Tripper” and “We Can Work It Out”.

The album consisted of eleven songs by John and Paul, two by George and another with the unique writing credit of Lennon-McCartney-Starkey. Rubber Soul was also the last Beatles album for which Norman Smith manned the control desk. He took his leave after six albums and eleven singles going on to produce Pink Floyd and later still to enjoy success as ‘Hurricane’ Smith.

PLEASE NOTE: This article is now out of date, and a new version will be found The rarest Beatles export album, with an Odeon label and Odeon sticker on the.

Meet the Beatles! It was the group’s first American album to be issued by Capitol Records , on 20 January in both mono and stereo formats. It topped the popular album chart on 15 February and remained at number one for eleven weeks before being replaced by The Beatles’ Second Album. The cover featured Robert Freeman’s iconic portrait of the Beatles used in the United Kingdom for With the Beatles , with a blue tint added to the original stark black-and-white photograph.

Despite the “first album” claim on its cover, ten days prior to its release, Vee-Jay Records of Chicago beat Capitol to the punch with the release of the Beatles’ American debut album Introducing The Beatles , which had been delayed for release for various reasons since the previous summer. In , Meet the Beatles! Albums , wherein although following the running order for Meet the Beatles! While the Beatles’ first two British albums each contained 14 tracks, in the American market albums were typically limited to 12 tracks and it was expected for albums to include the current hit single.

The other nine tracks on Meet the Beatles!

The Beatles: US Releases

Despite countries having to be bailed out, stock markets in chaos and even gold on the slide, the price for mega-rare vinyl remains unaffected by the recession. Collectors are still prepared to go all out to attain those precious artefacts. This list of rarities is only the tip of the iceberg – the Rare Record Price Guide lists over , entries.

The Beatles, the Sex Pistols, David Bowie, Queen and Led Zeppelin continue to dominate the top branches, but a massive number of new entries from the late 60s and early 70s have now muscled their way onto the hot property ladder. Have you got them?

The Beatles is the first Beatles album released in the United States. EMI affiliate that worked to place foreign masters with US record labels, giving it the right of first refusal on Beatles’ records for five years. ON THIS DATE (49 YEARS AGO).

Although in recent months the price of shares and investments have plummeted the value of rare and collectible vinyl has — like gold — remained firm. This is especially the case at the higher end of the market, and there remains no more collectible band than The Beatles, whose mint records are still hotly desired by collectors around the world. You need to don your Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat for this one as this is a contract pressing farmed out by EMI to Pye to help meet demand for Beatles product.

It appears that some Beatles contract pressings for singles and albums were undertaken not by Pye but Oriole. These records are thicker than EMI pressings; go get to comparing them…. This box set was only available in the U. There was also the Let It Be album in there! This is actually pretty good value for the money. This set was pressed in Mint copies of the standard one-band U.

Maybe Parlophone thought that no one wanted mono by ! Although the album Hey Jude sold millions when issued in America in in the U. Thus, although a U. It is, after all, one of their best albums!

50 Years Ago: EMI Releases First Beatles Single

Release Album. March Please Please Me mono 1st. Press April Please Please Me stereo 1st. April — Summer

Chart HistoryThe Beatles. Back to Artist Page. Hot Popular; Hot · Billboard · Billboard Artist · Current Album Sales · Australian Albums · Spain.

Here are the main titles in the order they were originally recorded and released. All the tracks are now available on various CDs, but not in the order they were originally made and issued. This table shows the albums and singles in chronological order, with recording and UK release dates EPs that duplicated other releases are omitted. It also shows which singles were on albums and some key events for context. There are additional footnotes about certain tracks and events. Various band members came and went before the final John, Paul, George and Ringo line-up.

After Stu Sutcliffe, Pete Best is the most well-known. It is tragic that he was replaced on the eve of their breakthrough. There are conspiracy theories but it seems fairly straightforward, especially since the Pete Best version of Love Me Do was released on Anthology 1. George Martin wanted the debut single to be tight.

It seems unlikely Pete could have drummed on the single George Martin wanted. He had to go. The offending quote was first published in a Maureen Cleave series for the Evening Standard on 4 March Of course, The Beatles knew black American musicians well and were inspired by their music, and they knew how they had been treated.

Beatles Rare LP`s – See Some of their Rarest Records `The Quarrymen`

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